A Message From Ralph Berry

I am seeking support for nomination to be considered as the candidate to fight the 2015 General Election for Keighley. I hope you might consider giving me your support.

You will know that Keighley is a seat Labour must win to be able to form a Government, and as we know Keighley is suffering from this Tory led Coalition Government’s attacks on working people and families. I am sure you will agree that for Keighley people a Labour government is vital.

There seems to have been no attempt by the local MP Kris Hopkins to mitigate these policies that have seen youth unemployment got up by 75% in the last year. I know Mr Hopkins well, I was in the shadow cabinet opposing him on Bradford District Council.

I am an experienced campaigner and have been a Bradford Councillor since 1991, and for the last 3 years I have been the Lead member for Children and Young people. This means I have been re-elected 5 times to the Council, the last time with a substantially increased share of the vote. I know how to organise campaigns and win elections, and I have a proven track record of working with all communities.

I have lived in the Bradford District since 1982, I am married to Cllr Gill Thornton and we have a family home in Saltaire.  We are an extended Bradford family with all the pressures ordinary families face, elderly parents who need our care, youngsters who need our attention and support, job hunting,  and school and exam pressures, new babies and so on.

I have been a probation officer for 12 years, followed by 12 years at a senior level in the Family Courts. I have extensive experience of the challenges facing families and also know how to keep our children safe. I have a son at University and two daughter’s –  one in College and one in school. I understand the pressures children face as both a  father and through my work as lead member for Children for Bradford District

When Labour took back control of Bradford Council I ended the private contract running Education, and took it back to Council control, which has been very successful. I have campaigned hard against the cuts to the schools building programme, and against the dogmatic education agenda of this Government. I am responsible for the development of cooperative and principled leadership and investment in education that the Council is giving. We just opened two new SEN Schools to meet growing need.

Since I have been lead Councillor Bradford’s Child Safeguarding work has been assessed as good with outstanding leadership, and as  we all know that these issues directly affect Keighley. You will have seen in the local newspapers that I have been dealing with the media regarding child welfare.

To win Keighley we need to reach out to the 1000’s of voters who did not vote or did not vote Labour in 2010, and who will look to a strong united Labour Party to heal the damage of this divisive and cruel government.  I would make it my job to build am inclusive campaign, in close partnership with the Trade Unions and Co-op. I am an active member of Unite and the Co-operative Party Parliamentary Panel.

I am passionate about in the NHS; and indeed I was Chair of Bradford Health Authority and then West Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

I hope that this will help you to feel that I am worthy of consideration in the selection process that has just started in Keighley. I am happy to speak to you, your branch or organisation at any time. These are my contact details please contact me if you wish to meet to discuss the way forward to Labour winning in Keighley.

We urgently need that Labour government to deliver equality and Social Justice for Keighley.

Ralph Berry

P   01274 770869
E   ralph4keighley@gmail.com
T   @CllrRalphBerry
W  www.ralph4keighley.wordpress.com

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