A Message From Ralph Berry

I am proud to have support from the Cooperative Party, Keighley Central and the Unite Keighley and Bradford Branches. I am encouraged by those in the Constituency and beyond, who have offered endorsements and support. I hope you will consider supporting me in the selection on November 23rd.

Keighley is a seat Labour must win to form that much needed Labour Government. I am the person who can lead the Labour Party in Keighley and Ilkley to regain this vital seat.

We must lead the fight against the attack on the living standards of ordinary people, and the most vulnerable, such as the hundreds of families hit by the bedroom tax. Ed Miliband has committed our party to abolishing this policy, and has put social justice back into the political debate. That is why Labour’s attack on the energy companies is so important.

I am passionate about the NHS; we will have to restore public accountability, end the market and the reorganisation that nobody voted for.

As Bradford Council Cabinet Member for Children, it has been my job to rebuild the service, after the mess left by the Tory Council. Under my leadership, Bradford’s safeguarding work is rated as good, and school results are rising.

I will bring my extensive experience to Keighley, the strong relationships I have built with a wide range of local community organisations, including churches and mosques. I would make it my job to build an inclusive and enthusiastic campaign, involving all members, in close partnership with the trade unions and Co-op, but also drawing in local organisations with whom we share values and concerns.

I have an extended family in the Bradford District. I have children at college and university and one at a local school. I am totally committed to Labour in the area, and it would be a huge honour to be the MP for Keighley following in the best tradition of local representation set by Ann Cryer when she was the MP.

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