Ilkley Resident and Chidren’s Charity Chief Executive Ann Longfield

Ann Longfield

“Ralph is committed to helping Ilkley be a great place for families Thriving schools,more childcare, great public spaces, places for young people and help when families hit problems are just some of the things Ralph will bring to Ilkley”

Wes Dredge

President Of Keighley Unite Branch
Wes Dredge

“President of Keighley Unite Branch Wes Dredge endorses Ralph. He has shown his ability to represent and campaign on issues that affect Union members and all communities in Keighley. My branch  members are proud to nominate Ralph for the Keighley selection”

Gerry Sutcliffe MP
Bradford South
About Gerry

“Ralph has been a hardworking and effective Councillor, who as fought hard for the needs of the District. I have worked with him for 20 years and I know he will be a strong voice for Keighley and Ilkley, and will work hard with all communities to deliver that vital gain for Labour.”

Councillor Abid Hussain
Keighley Central Ward
Councillor Abid Hussain

“Ralph is and experienced and effective campaigner, who has worked in the area for many years and is well respected in all Communities for his work, he is the candidate who can bring communities together to deliver that victory for Labour in Keighley and Ilkley”

Councillor Doreen Lee
Keighley East Ward
Cllr Doreen Lee

“Keighley needs strong, experienced local voice with real world experience to speak up for the needs of all people in Keighley and Ilkley ,Ralph is that person, leading Bradford Child poverty board and led the principled campaign against the bedroom tax by working with all communities and faith groups, Keighley needs that zeal and commitment”

Ikram Butt
Former England Rugby League Player
Ikram Butt

“Ralph’s passion and commitment to improving children’s lives is impressive. He is strong clear voice”

Mohammed Ajeeb CBE
Former Lord Mayor Of Bradford

“Ralph is an experienced and affective campaigner who works with all communities and will make an excellent MP and voice for Keighley”

Lisa Nandy MP For Wigan
Shadow Children’s Minister
Lisa Nandy

“Ralph’s understanding of children’s issues and his commitment to some of the most vulnerable children is hugely impressive. It’s been a genuine pleasure to work with him over the last 18 months, and to see firsthand the work he’s leading to keep children safe from harm.”

Ian Murch, General Secretary,
Bradford National Union Of Teachers
Ian Murch 20131

“Ralph has a record to be proud of, working with commitment and passion for the children and young people of the Bradford District. His aim is always to make sure that every child’s needs are met and disadvantages are overcome. He is widely respected in the trade union movement.”

Fabian Hamilton MP For Leeds North East
Fabian Hamilton

“Ralph is a committed and energetic campaigner, who I have known for 20 years”

Gloria De Piero MP for Ashfield
Shadow Minister For Women & Equalities


“I’ve known Ralph since I first joined the labour party more than 20 years ago. He’s a hard worker with plenty of energy. I know he’ll take the fight to the Tories in 2015. He won’t let you down.”


9 Responses to Endorsements

  1. Karl Dallas says:

    Though I’ve been out of the Labour Party for many years, I’ve been inspired by Ed Milliband’s Conference speech to believe that the Party is returning to its roots. And having known Ralph Berry as a comrade and friend for many years, I am proud to endorse his hopes to stand – and win – Keighley for Labour. I wrote a campaign song for Gerry Sutcliffe when he succeeded Bob Cryer. Perhaps I could place my guitar and my voice at his service in 2015?

  2. Don says:

    Ralph has been a passionate supporter of children and families in the Yorkshire area for a number of years. Though our project we have been fortunate enough to benefit from his wisdom and experience. We at both parents matter are pleased to support him.

  3. Andy Hemingway says:

    I’ve been out on the doorstep on many occasions with Ralph over the last few years and have seen first hand his commitment to both getting our message across and to working hard for the communities we represent. He has been one of our most energetic campaigners and has travelled across the whole district to communicate Labour’s message.
    As a school governor in Bradford i have spoken to him about children’s issues and services many times and have always received sound advice.
    Keighley needs a strong Labour MP in 2015 and I am certain that Ralph is the ideal choice to represent the constituency.

  4. Tim CASWELL says:

    I had the privilege of campaigning alongside Ralph during that dark night of the soul caused by the twin evils of Thatcherism and the Militant tendency.
    He is honest kind decent and hardworking. We need more people like Ralph in parliament. He will be a breath of fresh air for keighley.

  5. Sh Amim says:

    I am happy to pledge my support for Ralph Berry as the Parliamentary Candidate for the Keighley constituency. Ralph is a hard working, honest, reliable and approachable individual . He understands the political process and has many years of experience behind him, working at local and national level.
    Having worked with Ralph, I know that he is not afraid of tackling difficult and often sensitive issues. I have every faith in Ralph and believe that he will work hard for the people of Keighley and Ilkley. Ralph understands the demographics of the constituency and the needs of its residents.

    I wish Ralph the very best of luck.

    Shamim Akhtar

  6. John Erskine says:

    I’ve known Ralph for over thirty years, and like other people I’ve always been struck by his hard work, honesty and enthusiasm, as well as his very acute political brain and his absolute commitment to the ideals of Democratic Socialism. I think that it’s crucial that we get more people like Ralph in parliament – real people who’ve combined politics with high-pressure jobs; real people who’ve brought up children; real people who know the pressures and problems the people they represent face. Crucially for me, Ralph has what Denis Healey memorably described as a hinterland, a wide set of interests that take him beyond politics and help him engage with people beyond the narrow world of party politics.

    On top of that, he’s over 50! I really don’t think we’re well served by a House of Commons packed with people who have never done anything else, and it would be great to see someone like Ralph representing Keighley and Ilkley after the next election.

  7. Rich Jones says:

    Ralph’s unswerving commitment to campaign (with great effect) on social justice issues is both inspirational and gives huge credibility to his campaign for election as Member of Parliament for Keighley.
    As the Chief Executive of a children and young people’s charity, I have appreciated Ralph’s support and advocacy as we work alongside vulnerable, often marginalised children and young people. Ralph has shown personal commitment to seeing a future full of hope and opportunities become a reality for a generation that is struggling.
    Children, young people and families need Ralph to fight their corner in the commons. Keighley needs the commitment to ensuring the very best for communities there that Ralph will work tirelessly for. This country needs policy makers that are committed and care.
    Ralph for Keighley in 2015!

    Rich Jones

  8. Selina Ullah says:

    I have known Ralph Berry for over 15 years . During this time he has impressed me with his commitment to making a difference in the district. Ralph has a sound understanding of the complex issues facing a place like Keighley. With his many years as a ward councillor he comes with a strong track record of delivery on the ground and in local government. Ralph is highly intelligent and is someone who can work at all levels and naturally inclusive in his approach. I have no hesitation in endorsing Ralph in his campaign to become the next MP for Keighley.

    Selina Ullah
    Keighley Resident

  9. From the Trustees of Buttershaw Christian Family Centre

    Our trustees voted unanimously to endorse you. We wish you well.
    ‘Cllr Ralph Berry has always proven himself a man of great integrity and character. We have found that he, more than most, has managed to balance local needs with regional priorities. He has, on several occasions, worked with us to directly benefit the children, young people and families of Buttershaw. We have seen his wisdom and insight in navigating tough challenges.

    While Buttershaw Christian Family Centre will not align itself to or support a particular political party, we are more than happy to endorse Cllr Ralph Berry for the role of MP in Keighley.

    Aubrey Stitch

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